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4 Quick Remedies For Your Mouth Ulcers

Mouth ulcers can be caused by harsh foods or allergies. They appear as painfully sensitive sores in the inside of the mouth. Any activity involving consuming foods or liquids, or gargling, and even brushing the teeth can aggravate the ulcer.Here are a few home remedies to cure mouth ulcers but don't ignore a mouth ulcer if its not healed in a period of 21 days: 1)  Turmeric and Honey Add 2 teaspoons of honey to 1 tsp of turmeric and mix well [...]

5 Home Remedies For Painful Keloids

Keloids can be an unsightly ailment resulting from overactive scarring. When you get a wound, the usual healing process involves new skin to grow over the damaged or missing parts. This results in very little scar tissue. Sometimes scar tissue begins to grow past the required size of the wound and this is called a keloid. Keloids that occur near joints and soft tissue can restrict movement, and can be painful and itchy.Here are a few natural methods to cure keliods: Apple cider [...]

At-Home Remedies For Your Indigestion

Occasionally, there’s a dinner party or a day out where you are tempted to try out an array of gastronomical delights! All’s well, till the indigestion hits you soon after. Your stomach aches and that burning sensation caused by acidic fluids can be pretty unbearable.Since the main cause of indigestion is consuming oily, spicy or excess food, its just a matter of allowing your stomach to regain its functions.Meanwhile, you can try these easy-to-organize remedies to keep the discomfort at bay: Chew [...]

Top Tips On Protecting Your Knees

Even if you occasionally visit your local gym or are a hard core athlete, your knees are just as valuable and prone to harm if not taken care of. Knee injuries can be life-long and can affect your daily life if not protected when required. Keeping it steady while moving about is the tricky key to knee protection. Common knee conditions include ligament tearing, swelling of tendons, the development of osteoarthritis or daily wear and tear that affects cartilage and the bones. Here [...]

Are Young Singaporeans Suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis?

The unfortunate answer is YES. Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is essentially an auto immune disease that worsens due to stress, smoking, obesity and other unhealthy lifestyle choices. Family history is another important risk factor as auto immune conditions are hereditary in nature. A condition previously associated with the elder age group, RA has begun affecting younger adults in Singapore due to stress and unfavourable habits. It sets in between the ages of 25 and 30 and if not addressed early, can worsen considerably. Global Phenomenon All [...]

Easy Home Remedies For Menstrual Pain And Cramps

It’s that time of the month and you’re dreading the next 48 hours at least. Your internal muscles are contracting like crazy and its affecting your day to day activities. Almost 90% of Singaporean women suffer from period pain. But there’s no reason for you to suffer! If you are against pain killers but are pushed into taking them every month during your menstruation days, due to unbearable cramps, here are a few old grandmas’ tricks that are well tried and [...]

Important Points About Headaches That Can’t Be Ignored!

Never ignore a head that aches! A headache could be a clue to a more serious problem or a simple one that is physical, emotional or psychological in nature. Since the head virtually governs our functioning, it needs our attention.Most occasional headaches are either due to lack of food, sleep, oxygen or a strain on the eyes. But a constant throbbing or sharp piercing pain needs looking into. Migraines are more severe in nature and can be unbearable. So, here are some points [...]

Common Things That Could Be Damaging Your Eardrums

 Your ears are delicate instruments that enable one of your primary senses. Though ear drums are safely hidden within the ear, they are not completely protected from harm. Here are some causes of damaged eardrums: Ear Infections Ear infections can cause ruptures in the eardrum, especially in children. When you have an ear infection, fluids accumulate. The pressure created by this build-up can cause the tympanic membrane to break. It's, therefore, important to keep the ears clean and dry at all times. Changes In [...]

3 Simple Ways To Heal The Neck Pain Of Stressed Singaporean Mothers

Manual labor is a huge part of a mom's job description! As if lifting and carrying your child 24/7 isn't enough of a challenge, you also have to lug a packed diaper bag and tons of gear each time you and your little one leave the house. Minor muscle aches are inevitable, but you may pay a major price if you don't treat your body with the same TLC as you would your baby's.Since neck pains are among the most common [...]