3 Eye Masks

3 Eye Masks

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Your daily 8-hour eye rejuvenation

Energia Therapeutic Eye Mask does not only block any source of light, it also ensures that your eyes receive the rejuvenating effect of far-infrared rays and negative ions while you are sleeping. It allows you to address eyesight issues like astigmatism, far sightedness, and near sightedness. The far-infrared ray effectively controls eye surface temperature providing relief for red, tired, and teary eyes. It can also improve blood circulation in the eyes and its surrounding tissues making it an effective solution for dark circles, eye bags, and even eye wrinkles. Two elastic straps around the user’s head fasten this specially designed mask. With its perfect weight and design you do not even feel it is there at all.

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Product Description

Therapeutic Benefits

  • Improves blood circulation (mainly micro-circulation) at the eye regions
  • Helps control poor eye sights such as shortsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism
  • Relieves strained and tired eyes
  • Helps improve dry, watery and red eyes
  • Reduces eye wrinkles, dark eye rings and eye bags
  • Helps reduce contact-lens induced eye problem
  • Induces sleep

How the Energia Therapeutic Eye Mask Work
The eye mask emits beneficial far-infrared energy which is capable of penetrating deep into the eyes and the surrounding tissues. The far-infrared energy increases the eye surface temperature that helps relieve tired eyes, dry eyes, watery eyes, itchy eyes and red eyes. The eye mask also releases negative ions to improve microcirculation to the eyes. The negative ions improve the absorption of oxygen and nutrients to the surrounding tissues. The increased blood circulation improves eye health and enhances beauty.


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Size: 10 cm x 22 cm
Weight: 40 g
Colour: Black
Details: The Energia Eye mask comprises three layers of material. The fabric on the outside is made of natural cotton. This black-out fabric is to ensure that light does not reach the eyes. Sandwiched in between is a layer of nano fibre which is used as padding. It enhances the efficacy of the mask. The inside layer which covers the eye areas is made of far-infrared energy fabric. Its perfect weight is designed to create a soothing pressure to acupressure points surrounding the eyes to relieve tension and tired muscles.Mask Fastener: The mask secures around the head snuggly with dual elastic straps so it will always stay in place and the totally adjustable harnesses for sheer comfort.
Care: Hand wash in cool water with mild detergent or soap.
Lay flat to dry.
DO NOT wash in the washing machine.
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