4 Common Skin Ailments And Their Cures (Part 2)

Cont’d…. 3. Hives Hives are itchy, swollen portions of skin that are red and painful. They are mostly caused by reactions to medication or allergic reactions. During an allergic reaction, your body releases defending histamines into your blood. Histamines protect your body against infection and other external intrusions. Pollen, insect bites or animal dander can cause an allergic reaction, resulting in hives.Treatment involves identifying the cause followed by either rest or medical attention.What this means is that if you are experiencing a [...]

4 Common Skin Ailments And Their Cures (Part 1)

 Skin problems can affect anyone, at any time of their lives.Certain skin types are more prone to skin disorders caused by the sun.There are certain skin issues however caused by genetics, hormones, stress or a bad diet that can affect all. Here are 4 common skin ailments and their cures: 1. Acne Acne is a skin disorder caused due to blocked passageways between the skin’s pores and oil glands. Appearing largely on the face, shoulders, back and chest, acne appears in [...]

How Can Singaporean Factory Workers Minimise Mistakes?

If you work in one of Singapore’s many factories, then you know how even a small mistake can have a massive negative impact. In order to minimize mistakes, turn to the tips below. Arrive At Work A Bit Early The last thing you want to do is arrive to work feeling as though you have to jump right into work the moment you arrive. Set a goal to arrive to work at least 10 to 15 minutes early. This way you [...]

How Can Singapore Hospitality Professionals Stay Motivated At Work?

Whether you work for a Singaporean airline, hotel, travel agency or tourism company—it is essential for all hospitality professionals to stay motivated while at work. The clients you come across will be traveling for a multitude of reasons, including for work, play, or for family obligations. Below are a few tips on how you can stay motivated throughout your day. Keep On Smiling - It makes your day as well as others' Even if you are not feeling particularly upbeat, the [...]

How To Get Back On Track At Work The Week After A Vacation

As the saying goes, “you must work hard and play hard too.” One of the challenges with returning to work after a vacation, is that you may feel additional stress as you get back up to speed. Turn to the tips below to get back on track after your next vacation. Plan To Spend The First Day After Your Vacation Getting Up To Speed Depending on your position within the company, as well as how your workload has been delegated during [...]

Tips For Turning Your Contract Position Into A Permanent Position

If you are a Singapore professional currently working in a contract-based position, in hopes that it will turn into a permanent position—turn to the tips below. Express Your Desire To Fill An Ongoing Need There are a multitude of reasons companies hire contractors. Some companies simply do not have an ongoing need, while others may be turning to a contractor to weigh the pros and cons of adding a new permanent position. This is why it is essential that you express [...]

How Can Freelance Professionals In Singapore Increase Productivity?

As a freelance professional, it is up to you to ensure that you stay on top of both your daily and weekly levels of productivity. Whether you work for home or freelance outside of the office—turn to the tips below to increase your productivity. Organise Your Office And Workspace A clean and organized workspace is essential for maintaining productivity. Look for ways to go as paperless as possible, and invest in organisational tools such as drawer organisers, desk organisers, and office furniture [...]

How Can You Help Your Secondary School Child Settle In?

As your child grows and heads into the latter half of his/her school life, new challenges are faced by him/her. It’s the teen phase of uncertainty and sudden growth spurts. Moving to a newer, bigger world from a known familiar one, especially when finding self-identity, can be a tough task.As a parent of a child heading into secondary school, there are certain facts you need to pay attention to in order to help your child with this important transition: Change [...]

3 Ways Busy Parents can Enjoy More Quality Time with their Family

As a busy Singaporean parent, you may feel as though you are spread so thin that the time you spend with your family is not the quality time you crave. The 3 tips below will help busy parents to create more quality time with their loved ones. Live In The Moment As a parent, the minute one child is done with an extracurricular activity or commitment—it is straight on to the next. Too often this means that parents spend much of [...]