4 Common Myths About Sleep And Exercise

Myths develop over time due to hearsay or plugged media reports. If we hear something repeatedly from various quarters, we begin to believe it! Such is human nature… Here are 4 common myths related to the areas of sleep and exercise that we would like to believe but unfortunately are not true: Myth 1 for Sleep: “I don’t need 8 hours. I can function well in just 5!” Yes, it’s true that everyone has different sleep needs. Some people may be functioning perfectly even [...]

How Can Singaporean Executives Get Enough Sleep During Stressful Times?

The corporate world is one of constant challenge and stress. Though competitive environments, bring out the best, they can also cause harm in the long run. Its best to curb the tendency to push yourself to the point of damage, early on in your professional life. Here’s why…. Sleep and Stress One of the main areas of life affected by stress is sleep. You may either find yourself unable to fall asleep, falling fast asleep due to extreme exhaustion or then sleeping very [...]

How Important Is Sleep For Young Singaporean Managers?

Sleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being throughout your life. Getting enough quality sleep at the right times can help protect your mental health, physical health, quality of life, and safety. Sleep helps your brain work properly. As a young professional in Singapore you may find your sleep cycle being affected by long working hours or stress. But while you sleep in the night, your brain is actually preparing for the next day. It's forming new pathways to help [...]

3 common myths about sleep

  Sleep regulates your system and ensures your smooth functioning. However, like everything else sleep needs to be managed in a proper way at the right time. Here are 3 common myths associated with inducing and controlling sleep that may be interrupting with your sleep cycles: Myth 1# Watching TV helps to fall asleep Watching TV as we drift to sleep is a global phenomenon with growing popularity. Every human’s biological clock is regulated by light. Our eyes are adept at working in [...]

6 Secret Tips To Heal Yourself

The power to heal one’s own body and mind has been given to each individual. The support system which comprises of doctors, nutritionists, fitness experts or therapists is only there to assist when you stray off the healthy path. The actual onus of your strength and healing however lies only with you. Here are 6 tips to achieve or regain your health in order to heal yourself: 1) Eat to Heal Your diet controls 70% of your health. Shift today off fatty, oily, sugary [...]

5 Secrets To Detox Your Mind (Part 2)

Cont’d... 3) Reduce Stimulants Coffee, tea, energy drinks and even alcohol are considered to be stimulants as they temporarily raise energy levels. Excess intake of stimulants however can lead to heart problems and other physical ailments. For the mind to be at ease and in its intrinsic form, stimulants need to be reduced or avoided completely. Long hours of TV or screen exposure also stimulate the mind, preventing it from relaxing. 4) De-stress with Aromas and Food There are certain foods and scents that can [...]

Do You Suffer From Mental Exhaustion? How Can You Get Over It?

Fatigue can result from overwork, poor sleep, an unhealthy diet, adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalances, anxiety or depression. The brain burns about a dozen calories per hour, which is comparable to cycling for a minute. Even over working your brain should not result in physical exhaustion but why does it feel like it is sometimes? Stress Can Be Exhausting If you believe a task is going to be difficult or stressful, it will be. Persons suffering from mental fatigue get exhausted with the idea [...]

What’s the Relation Between Weight Loss and Sleep?

Do you know that sleep has a close relationship with your weight? Sometimes, despite regular exercise, you still don’t lose weight, or don’t lose as much as you expect. Your sleep might be the reason. Here’s why: Lack Of Sleep Can Make You Eat Unhealthily When you are sleepy at work, you start to consume excess cups of coffee, or some light snacks to help you regain focus. Sleepiness is a sign that you are low in energy, and that's when you tend [...]

How IT Professionals Can Stay Awake Without Coffee!

Being an IT professional can be exhausting and draining. Your eyes tend to get tired, while being glued to a screen through hours of coding. There are deadlines to be met, you have to stay awake, but are not too keen on relying on excess caffeine consumption. Does this description resonate with you? Then read on to find out how to stay alert without endless cups of coffee... Start Moving Light exercises will help you loosen up and refresh. Moving around in the [...]

Which Is The Ideal Sleeping Posture For Pregnant Women?

While being pregnant is exciting, there are a lot of changes that occur in your body during this time, that may affect your health, especially your sleep. During the first trimester of the pregnancy, you will have a lot of questions about sleep cycles and sleeping positions. Here is something you can try for a good night's sleep: Sleep On Side (SOS) This is considered the best sleep position during pregnancy. It will be even better if you sleep on the left side. [...]