6 Natural Energy Boosting Drinks That Can Be Found in Your Kitchen!

Sport and Energy drinks are all popular in Singapore due to the increasing number of sporting events being held in the city. But did you know that the best energy drinks are available abundantly in nature with no caffeine and other side effects? So, the next time you need a little pepping up, try some of these: 1) Juice of Greens Blend together some spinach, kale, celery, cucumber and parsley. Add some ginger and lemon for flavor. Cool in down with some ice [...]

4 Quick Remedies For Your Mouth Ulcers

Mouth ulcers can be caused by harsh foods or allergies. They appear as painfully sensitive sores in the inside of the mouth. Any activity involving consuming foods or liquids, or gargling, and even brushing the teeth can aggravate the ulcer.Here are a few home remedies to cure mouth ulcers but don't ignore a mouth ulcer if its not healed in a period of 21 days: 1)  Turmeric and Honey Add 2 teaspoons of honey to 1 tsp of turmeric and mix well [...]

5 Home Remedies For Painful Keloids

Keloids can be an unsightly ailment resulting from overactive scarring. When you get a wound, the usual healing process involves new skin to grow over the damaged or missing parts. This results in very little scar tissue. Sometimes scar tissue begins to grow past the required size of the wound and this is called a keloid. Keloids that occur near joints and soft tissue can restrict movement, and can be painful and itchy.Here are a few natural methods to cure keliods: Apple cider [...]

At-Home Remedies For Your Indigestion

Occasionally, there’s a dinner party or a day out where you are tempted to try out an array of gastronomical delights! All’s well, till the indigestion hits you soon after. Your stomach aches and that burning sensation caused by acidic fluids can be pretty unbearable.Since the main cause of indigestion is consuming oily, spicy or excess food, its just a matter of allowing your stomach to regain its functions.Meanwhile, you can try these easy-to-organize remedies to keep the discomfort at bay: Chew [...]

Why Are Young Singaporean Girls Obsessed With Being Thin?

The well known Singaporean addiction to being thin is known to begin as early as 8 years of age. With the global pressure of looking slim dictated by the media and social influences, Singapore has been one of the worse hit nations in eating disorders. With the advent of numerous crash diets and slimming parlours, the fat-phobic society that constitutes Singapore pays millions of dollars each year on becoming and staying thin. Help Begins At Home Parents can detect the problem at home [...]

Is Your Job Dis-satisfaction Affecting Your Health?

A majority of people are dissatisfied with their jobs. Studies indicate between 20-40% of employees worldwide are unhappy with their current jobs and a lot of them accept this situation as it is. Research has shown that people who are happy with and like their jobs are more likely to be successful at them. Sticking with a job you don’t like can be counter-productive to your health. Check for the following symptoms: Weight gain If you’re unhappy with your job and find yourself becoming overweight, [...]

5 Natural Ways To Brighten Your Underarms

Dark and patchy underarms can look a little out of place, especially when everything else is just right! The reasons for dark patches under your arms can be many such as shaving, deodorant, perfumes, irritability and others. But luckily the cures are many too!Instead of option for chemical bleaching, try a few home remedies. After all, the underarm skin is quite delicate and easily irritable.All the below methods, need to be practiced a few times a day till you get [...]

How Singaporean Managers Can Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle While Travelling

Staying healthy while being on the road is a challenge for anyone and more so for professionals. Travel might be glamorous but it can get gruelling for Singaporean managers who do it often. Red eye flights, irregular meals and sleep cycles and stress can be detrimental for any frequent business traveller. Here are a few tips on how to life a healthier life while on the go: • Keep hydrated Water helps you maintain bodily fluids, does wonders for your skin and helps you [...]

Stay Healthy At Your Work Place

A healthy lifestyle at work results in greater productivity, lesser absenteeism and a reduction in long term healthcare costs. When you value your health at work, it not only affects your overall health but contributes positively to the overall benefit of the company.Here are some ways you can introduce healthy lifestyle options at your workplace, in some small and easy steps: Watch those eating habits We tend to snack often when inside a chilled, air-conditioned office. But watch what it is that [...]

How Singaporean Lawyers Can Fight Stress

Stress is a burden nearly everyone carries. Stress that lawyers go through however, is well known and studied. The lawyer must balance empathy with objective detachment and enjoy confrontation. But even for the toughest of lawyers, stress, at some point, becomes an issue.To manage stress, the lawyer must be aware of it. Long demanding hours at work can lead to clinical depression. Due to the non-stop demands of the nature of a lawyers work, the stress can go unnoticed leading to depression. It’s [...]