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Swim to Good Health And Peace Of Mind!

Everyone knows that a regular swim is good for you, but do you know the physical and mental benefits of swimming? If you truly did, you would be at the pool at least 3 times a week for sure! The thing about swimming is that anyone can do it. There is almost no individual on the planet that is forbidden to swim, medically or otherwise. Yes, sometimes swimming after a heavy meal or during certain stages of pregnancy may be uncomfortable. But [...]

Is Your Child Suffering From Asthma? This May Help….

Asthma can attack at a younger age sometime even at the toddler stage. This condition shows up through symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, wheezing and coughing. The most common remedy is an inhaler. Here are a natural ways of preventing and healing asthma, as a means to support the medical treatment and possibly reduce it over time. If your house has a child who’s prone to asthma attacks, follow these steps to control the environment and make it asthma-free: Keep Your Home Dust [...]

The Miracles of Ginger!

Ginger, the common spice used in soups, main courses, teas, cookies and other cuisine items can actually be your daily dose of medicine. Its precious uses are known all over the world. Not only is ginger versatile enough to fit almost anywhere in an Asian menu, but it can also be consumed fresh, dried, as oil, juice or in a powdered form. Relatively easy to grow and extract, here are the important wonders of miraculous ginger: Helps Digestion The phenolic compounds found in this [...]

How The Wrong Attire May Be Jeopardizing Your Work Out!

So you’ve begun with a new exercise regime and though its not too high impact, you can’t seem to get into it. Your body seems to heat up quickly and you begin to feel out of breath. Apart from your fitness level, maybe your clothes or shoes have something to do with it. Often, people make simple attire mistakes which may lead to lack of motivation or discomfort while exercising. Here are a few things to check up on regarding your work-out wardrobe: 1) [...]

Top Tips On Protecting Your Knees

Even if you occasionally visit your local gym or are a hard core athlete, your knees are just as valuable and prone to harm if not taken care of. Knee injuries can be life-long and can affect your daily life if not protected when required. Keeping it steady while moving about is the tricky key to knee protection. Common knee conditions include ligament tearing, swelling of tendons, the development of osteoarthritis or daily wear and tear that affects cartilage and the bones. Here [...]

6 Miraculous Benefits Of Baking Soda

Sodium Bicarbonate or the humble baking soda which appears as a mere rising agent for cakes and cookies, is actually a benefit-packed powder with numerous uses. If you don’t bake, then you may not be storing a box of this amazing stuff.But after reading this, you may feel the impulse to rush out and buy a few boxes. Don’t resist the temptation!Let’s have a look at a few areas in which baking soda can act as a healing or curative [...]

4 Natural Ways To Whiten Teeth

What’s the best secret of a beautiful smile? Clear, strong, white teeth, of course! Factors that determine the whiteness of your teeth include what you consume, your oral hygiene and sometimes even genetics. Enamel and Dentin The white covering over your teeth is called Enamel while Dentin, the tissue which contains blood, nerves and vessels, is located in the centre of each tooth. Dentin and Enamel, essentially decide the colour of your teeth. Enamel breaks down with age and the food and drink we [...]

Are Young Singaporeans Suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis?

The unfortunate answer is YES. Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is essentially an auto immune disease that worsens due to stress, smoking, obesity and other unhealthy lifestyle choices. Family history is another important risk factor as auto immune conditions are hereditary in nature. A condition previously associated with the elder age group, RA has begun affecting younger adults in Singapore due to stress and unfavourable habits. It sets in between the ages of 25 and 30 and if not addressed early, can worsen considerably. Global Phenomenon All [...]

5 Top Health Tips For Your Last Trimester

So, you’ve been through the first crucial six months and are now you’re ready for the final phase. The last trimester has its own unique set of experiences.Your baby has grown and his/her essential body parts are almost completely formed. The weight of your little one inside of you may be weighing you down and making it difficult to maneuver or sleep. Back or leg pain and other aches will bother you in varying degrees. But here are a few tips to [...]

5 Top Health Tips For Your First Trimester

You’re pregnant! Congratulations! Needless to say, your first trimester or 3 months are crucial to create a firm foundation for your pregnancy. So, the most important of all is to stay happy and healthy. Since it’s the initial phase, being active shouldn’t be a problem, except for the morning sickness. That may bring you down. But otherwise, this is the time to set the pace for your entire pregnancy period to ensure it proceeds stress-free. Here are 5 top health tips that can [...]