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Want To Stay Alert At Work? Here Are 5 Ways In Which You Can Do It

It’s not easy to maintain your concentration at work for the whole day.Blurry eyes and an unfocused mind can increase the risk of making mistakes. Worse, falling asleep at work reflects badly on your image and may risk your employment. Here’s how you can prevent that from happening. 1. Tune in to your favorite songs Listening to music can keep your brain alert. It helps engaging different parts of your mind. Try listening to some energizing songs. If possible, you can hum or [...]

How Aromatherapy Can Help You Sleep Better

If you are looking for methods to sleep better, you can try aromatherapy. It’s a natural way to improve the quality of your sleep. The tips below can give you a brief understanding of what aromatherapy is, and how you can use it. Various benefits of scents Each scent has a different effect on your mind. Understanding the scents will help you find the right one that is suitable for you.• Bergamot is refreshing and can be used to reduce anxiety and [...]

Is Stress affecting Polytechnic Students’ sleep?

Stress can affect just about anyone and everyone. While working adults suffer from pressure at work, students are also under constant stress.Workload is getting heavier, and one has to strive to excel and meet societal standards. Many polytechnic students are stressed. There is a constant need to prove oneself, to meet expectations, and to excel.Everyone wants to stand out, to be different, to find their own path. They want to prepare for further study or work. They want to be successful. [...]

Sleepy in the Library? Here’s How to Prevent It

Admit it! The quietness in a library is not only conducive for studying but also for sleeping...There may be times when you find yourself in a library, hoping to finish your assignments, but end up dozing off.Being sleepy may be a sign of sleep disorders, and there are ways to prevent it: Get moving When your eyes are getting blurry, stand up and move around. Keeping your muscles active is a proven way to stay alert. Try to go for a [...]

Working Long Hours? How to Wake up Fresh Every Day!

Working long hours or late at night causes sleep deprivation.  This will make you more tired in the morning, leading to another arduous day. If you are looking for a way to freshen up in the morning, here’s how you can do it: Hydrate yourself Drink a big glass of water when you wake up will help cleanse your body and kick start your metabolism. It is recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of water throughout the day. Avoid that 'Snooze' button Contrary [...]

How can Singaporean Athletes Relieve Sore and Aching Muscles?

 Muscles ache due to prolonged gaps of inactivity or when you push yourself beyond your current physical fitness levels. This can be due to some advanced additions to your exercise regime or an especially stressful day, moving heavy loads or undergoing excessive walking and running. Athletes tend to stay active at a constant pace so rarely suffer from soreness. But if you are an athlete aiming at achieving more with each workout or run, you may experience a few aching days. Here [...]