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Why Even Primary School Kids Get Neck Pain

Neck pain can be a sign of arthritis, working long hours or stress. However, when your primary school kid experiences neck pain without any of these reasons, you might want to consider the following factors: Poor Posture If children maintain a poor sitting posture when they are studying, they may develop stiffness in the neck. Looking at notebooks too closely over a prolonged period, can strain the neck. Check your child for shortsightedness if you have observed him/her do this. Or remind [...]

Which Is The Ideal Sleeping Posture For Pregnant Women?

While being pregnant is exciting, there are a lot of changes that occur in your body during this time, that may affect your health, especially your sleep. During the first trimester of the pregnancy, you will have a lot of questions about sleep cycles and sleeping positions. Here is something you can try for a good night's sleep: Sleep On Side (SOS) This is considered the best sleep position during pregnancy. It will be even better if you sleep on the left side. [...]

5 Reasons Why Married Couples Can’t Fall Asleep Even After Making Love

Have you experienced a night when after a loving night with your spouse, you still can’t fall asleep? You stay wide awake till late in the night, and end up waking up exhausted the next day. If this happens regularly, you might want to consider the following reasons. 1. Active Thoughts Even though your body is tired, it doesn’t mean that your mind is ready to retire. A racing mind is very common amongst people who can’t fall asleep easily. This is also [...]

How Busy Working Moms Can Stop Looking Like A Panda!

Dark circles are caused by many reasons. These can be heredity, age, stress, unhealthy diet, and even sleep. Nowadays, there are many products that help improve your dark circles, but these are often expensive and are made using a lot of chemicals.Here are some natural, cheap and easy tips for busy moms to get rid of unsightly circles: 1. Cucumber Cucumber is one of the most popular ways to fix raccoon eyes, thanks to its skin-lightening properties. It also has a soothing [...]

How Sleep Can Help Your Brain Stay Sharper

When we sleep, the brain works just as much as it does when we are awake. When you don’t sleep enough, rogue proteins build up in the eye, increasing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Getting a good night's rest is the way to go, if you want your brain to stay sharp. 1. Sleep Boosts Memory This has been proven in countless pieces of research. Sleep can strengthen neural connections by forming new dendrite spines. These are tiny structures that help pass [...]

3 Types of Tea that Help Singapore Sales People To Sleep Better

Sales and Marketing are considered to be among the most stressful jobs. Being under constant stress out can be highly detrimental to your health in the long run, and can result in insomnia. While regular tea should be avoided if you are fighting with sleeplessness, herbal teas are recommended by most dieticians and nutritionists. They help you to regulate your system and induce calmness and sleep.Here are a few favourites: 1. Chamomile Tea Chamomile tea is known as the 'night-time' tea for its [...]

5 easy ways for stressed banking staff to sleep faster

Working in a bank is always stressful. Crunching endless data, day after day, can lead to accumulated worry and eventually, insomnia. Sleeplessness, in the long run can have dangerous repercussions on your health and performance at work. So, if you are having trouble falling asleep, turn to these tips for immediate help: 1. Relax one hour before bedtime Try doing something relaxing that will allow your mind to relax. Exercise right before bedtime might get your endorphins racing, making it harder to fall [...]

5 Natural Ways for Singaporean men in their 40s to Reduce their Sleep Apnea

Snoring does not only disturb other people’s sleep but it is also a sign of obstructive sleep apnea. This may increase the risk of heart diseases. Before you head to the drugstore, try these natural methods to reduce apnea. 1. Exercise and Stay In Shape Fat around the neck squeezes the internal diameter of the throat. This increases the likelihood of snoring. If you are overweight, it might make snoring worse. Therefore, doing physical exercises can keep you in shape and [...]

Bedtime Routine for Singapore Mothers for Good Sleep

Being a mother is a full time job! Sometimes, you will find yourself completely exhausted. Life can be even more demanding when you are a working mother, with a job to handle as well. A good night’s sleep is essential for you to rest well and recharge your energy levels. Here’s how you can do it: Adopt A Regular Sleep Schedule Although it’s hard, try to establish a proper sleep schedule and stick to it as often as you can. Going to bed [...]

How Singaporean Senior Executives can Create A Better Sleeping Environment

Lack of sleep is common among people of high positions in an organization.  However, this can lead to severe sleep disorders. Lack of sleep ultimately causes many health issues. A favourable sleeping environment can assist you in falling asleep faster.Here’s how to create one: Get Rid of Lights Artificial lights deceive your body in believing that it is daytime even during the night. This stops the body from unwinding. Therefore, reduce the intensity of the lights an hour before bedtime to signal your [...]