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20 Common Cooking Ingredients To Cure Any Ailment – Part 2

In the last post, we started with the first 5 ingredients easily available in your kitchen and the common ailments they could cure. Let us now look at 5 more secret medicinal ingredients you could have stored in your kitchen.6. Black Pepper: These little black seeds pack a host of goodness. Crushed pepper mixed with honey helps in alleviating cold and cough. Sprinkling fresh ground pepper on cuts and wounds helps to stop pain and bleeding. 7. Cumin Seeds: A good source [...]

20 Common Cooking Ingredients To Cure Any Ailment – Part 1

How many of us run to the doctor at the first symptom of an illness? How much money do you spend on Doctors and Clinics to treat yourself and your family? What if you could use the ingredients from your kitchen to treat most common illnesses and their symptoms? Here are 20 ingredients you will find in your kitchen and the ailments they help cure. 1. Ginger: This medicinal root packs cures for a wide range of ailments from headaches, and [...]

How Can Singaporeans Prevent Abdominal Pain?

Most instances of pain in the abdomen is minor and temporary. They do not require a doctor's assistance if they are not sudden, severe or long-lasting. Usually, abdominal pain can be a result of over-eating, wind, constipation or an upset stomach. Here are some simple methods using which, you can prevent abdominal pain:Regulate your eating habits: Overeating causes abdominal pain as the stomach distends to store the extra food. Make sure that you eat slowly and chew your food well. You should [...]

10 Tips for Singaporeans to Improve their Digestion – Naturally – Part 2

An increasing number of Singaporeans suffer from digestive and digestion-related problem these days. Taking medication all the time will further weaken your system. Let's continue to look at some more natural methods that you can try to keep your digestive system healthy.  6. Do not consume water while eating: A lot of us have the habit of gulping down glassfuls of water along with our meals. Research and nutritionists recommend that you should not drink water during your meal. Of course, if [...]

10 Tips for Singaporeans to Improve their Digestion – Naturally – Part 1

Food! This is one of the most-loved activities of Singaporeans - apart from Retail Therapy. With the wide variety of cuisine available in Singapore, it's little wonder that Singaporeans love to eat.But no matter how good the food, there's always a limit to how much you can eat without overburdening your digestive system. This is especially so during festive times like Chinese New Year, Easter or Christmas.But there is good news... you don't need to visit your doctor every time [...]

What Should Singaporeans Do To Avoid The Sleep Disorder Narcolepsy?

Narcolepsy is a neurological disorder that causes excessive daytime sleepiness, as well as the inability to control falling asleep during daytime hours. If you are a Singapore adult who has experienced narcolepsy on occasion, or even on an ongoing basis—turn to the tips below. Keep Your Body Moving After just a few hours, anyone who sits for long periods of time is likely to feel tired. However, if you are someone who struggles with narcolepsy, it is even more important to keep [...]

Do You Know Of These Common Myths Associated With Sleep Paralysis?

Sleep paralysis is an unsettling feeling of being conscious, yet unable to speak or move. This is a condition that occurs either when falling asleep, but most often when waking up. There are many misconceptions about sleep paralysis, a few of which are detailed below. Myth: Sleep Paralysis Always Accompanies Narcolepsy Narcolepsy and sleep paralysis can go hand-in-hand, but not all Singapore adults who struggle with sleep paralysis are narcoleptic. Narcolepsy is a condition in which the brain’s ability to regulate sleep [...]

How To Maintain Your Health And Sleep Regime In The Month Before You Get Married

As excited as you and your other half are sure to be, the month before your wedding can be quite stressful. In fact, all the last minute details may be leaving you up at night—and running on low during the day. Turn to the tips below to help maintain your health and sleep during the month before you get married. Schedule In Some Rest And Relaxation Your final fittings, confirmations, and pre-wedding events are sure to keep you busy in the month [...]

Managing Twins Under 2? Here Are Some Tips To Get Some Well-Deserved Rest

Managing twins under 2 is difficult because each of your little ones has different needs. If you are a parent in Singapore managing twins under the age of 2, sleep is even more challenging because they may not be on the same sleep cycle. Turn to the tips below to get some well-deserved rest.Call Grandma: Grandparents love spending time with their young grandchildren, so don’t hesitate to give grandma and grandpa a call so that you can get a bit more [...]

3 Ways To Keep Your Energy High When Dealing With Pre-Schoolers

Working with preschoolers definitely keeps you on your toes, which means that you may struggle with keeping your energy high both during the day, and after work hours. The 3 tips below will help you to stay energised when dealing with preschoolers. Take Deep Breathes Taking deep breaths will not only help to alleviate stress, but will get more oxygen flowing throughout your body. This will provide you with an extra boost of energy. Just make sure you inhale fully, and exhale completely for [...]