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How can Working Moms in Singapore Find the Energy to Manage Baby, Home and Work?

It’s a juggle that every mom in Singapore with a baby, a job and a home needs to conquer. It seems impossible at times, and there will be good days and bad. The solution lies taking care of yourself and managing it as well as you can.Here are some more tips on how you can ensure this phase goes as smoothly as possible without you heading towards a nervous breakdown. Breathe… Give yourself a break! It is virtually impossible to achieve perfection [...]

Why do Singaporean Children Tend to be More Obese these Days?

Is the average Singaporean child overweight and obese? If so, what are the reasons this unhealthy trend? Economic Influences As Singaporeans are growing to be increasingly prosperous, the abundant lifestyle is not helping matters. There is a definite lack of exercise and a growing tendency to get absorbed in TV screens and game consoles rather than go outside and play a sport. Food Fad Singaporeans are known to be food enthusiasts, and there is such a wide variety of cuisine everywhere you go. [...]

5 Secrets to Help Singaporeans Beat Stress and Stay Worry Free

Don’t you envy all those people who live life so easily and seem so carefree? What is it that they know that you don’t?! Here are 5 secrets revealed of people who are unaffected by stress and worry: Secret 1# Revealed: No Past, No Future Being positive originates from one major thinking process. Be present in this moment and live in the NOW. Experience all of life’s beauty in this one moment. Do not carry any past grievances and cease to worry about [...]

Do Slimming Spas Really Work? How Can you Reduce your Weight Naturally?

Many Singaporeans either have visited or would love to visit a slimming spa sometime in their lives. But do slimming spas really work?The fact is that regular massages, electro stimulation, etc. can support to tone and lose some fat, but these mechanisms cannot work in isolation. They only support a healthy diet and exercise regime.So, let’s find out some other ways in which to lose weight naturally: Know your body Your body has a natural mechanism to keep your weight in [...]

What Happens When you Check your Phone Right Before you Sleep?

Many Singaporeans have the habit of spending some time on their phones as they lie in bed ready to sleep. You may be checking the last of your office e-mails, the day’s pending messages or brushing up on some material for tomorrow’s meeting.But the fact is that, the longer you stare at that screen before going to bed, the longer it’s going to take you to achieve a healthy sleep mode after dozing off. What stops your brain from sleeping? Your [...]

6 Detox Foods Every Singaporean Should Try Post Chinese New Year

Okay, so you got carried away during Chinese New Year, you ate a lot and now you’re feeling bad about it. Plus, you’re not feeling too healthy and really need a good detox. Here are 5 easy detox foods you can consume as much as you want: 1) Beetroot: Boil and season it slightly. It’s ready to be eaten in your salads, sandwiches, or even an occasional stir-fry. Beets will help to send the toxic holiday remnants straight out of that [...]

How to Get Rid of All the Weight You Put on During Chinese New Year

As usual, Chinese New Year was a good one, right? You are still recovering from all the celebration, ang baos, friends and family. With all the visits, family dinners and the variety of yummy dishes (including the deliciously fatty bakkwa), of course, you ate a lot... who can say no at such times! But today, as you stepped up onto your scale, you realised where all that food actually went!There’s no need to fret. Here are some handy tips that [...]

4 Ways Singaporean Moms can Regain the Figure they had Before Pregnancy

Life doesn’t end post pregnancy! It’s another new beginning. And if you’re used to sporting enviable inches before your pregnancy, there’s no reason you can’t regain that body.Here are 4 useful ways in which you can begin working towards getting back what you lost: Get physical You might feel tired all the time, but a few movements a day, like a walk or climbing the stairs is a good way to start. As you get into a routine, you will begin to [...]

The Truth About Dieting – Do Singaporean Women Need It?

The average Singaporean woman is a busy one, handling multiple roles at home and office on a daily basis. Statistics show that women in Singapore are not exercising as much as they should be. Your hectic lifestyles get in the way of maintaining a regular workout regime, and that’s understandable.But there are some aspects of life that can be controlled without a lot of effort - such as your diet. Lucky to be Singaporean! Singaporean cuisine mixes multiple cultures and presents [...]

Little Known Facts About What Happens When You’re Asleep

There’s another world that lies beyond the waking one! Little do we know, but our minds and bodies are at their healthiest best when we are asleep. We are all aware that sleep helps to refresh and re-energise, but do you know exactly what happens once you shut those peepers? States of sleep Once you drift off, your mind engages in the transportation from one state of consciousness to another.1) Alpha – When you lie down, close your eyes and prepare to [...]