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5 Simple Ways HR Managers Can Help Staff To Concentrate Better

Human mind is prone to distractions.  It results in loss of productivity in workplaces. When employees need to focus on their work, wavering mind can cause a lot of problems. Sometimes accidents too!HR Managers are constantly bombarded with complaints from functional managers about distracted employees. Here's a list of techniques you share with those employees who need to focus better on their work!Related: How sleeping well can improve memory in children  Human beings are Subjective When your employees enjoy their work they [...]

5 Simple Ways Singapore Teachers Can Help Students To Concentrate Better

A child’s mind will wander.  It’s a natural phenomenon. But when your students are required to direct all their attention on a matter being taught, the wandering can present problems.So to help you out, we’ve put together a list of things that you can try with those students who prefer to fantasise about play time rather than their school lessons!Related: How sleeping well can improve memory in children  Subjective When a child likes something, he/she will easily be able to concentrate on [...]

3 Simple Techniques To Ensure Your Blood Has The Right PH

The ideal ph balance in your bloodstream is rated 7.3-7.4. This determines the alkaline levels in the body. If the right balance is not maintained, it can be detrimental to bodily functions. Ph levels are determined by your diet, your emotions and your exposure to pollution. So very simply, here’s how we can maintain the ideal ph score: The Right Food Foods are either acidic or alkaline. It is advisable to consume foods that are more alkaline in nature such as pears, melons, [...]

5 Natural Modalities For Cancer Survivors Wanting to Live Longer

Wow! You have overcome one of life’s biggest threats. We’re proud of you! But, how did you do it?Of course, the doctors helped. But do you know that if it wasn’t for your positivity, you would not have healed the way you did?Now that you have passed a mammoth obstacle, here are a few enjoyable, natural remedies to stay cancer-free, and live even longer: Healing Foods Green tea, wheatgrass, broccoli, mushrooms, olive oil and fresh fruit and juices are all great at [...]

Singapore Husbands Can Now Stop Watching Adult Movies And Start Performing

If you are a husband who has fallen into a pattern of spending more time with adult movies, then your wife—it is high time for a change. While adult movies may allow you an outlet for your fantasies, they should be an occasional part of your sexual routine. Below are just a few good reasons to stop watching adult movies, and start performing. There’s Nothing Like The Real Thing As visually stimulating as adult movies are, there is nothing that compares [...]

Alert: Singaporean Men In 40’s Need to Watch Out For Prostate Cancer

While prostate cancer is less common throughout Asia than in many other countries around the world, Singaporean man must still be aware their risk factors. If you are a Singaporean man over the age of 40, consider the risk factors below. Your Consumption Of Red Meat And Dairy Approximately 6 out of 10 men diagnosed with prostate cancer are over the age of 65. This means that in your 40s you must take a proactive approach to reducing your risks factors. [...]

3 Reasons Why Young Singapore Managers Are Afraid Of Cancer

As a successful Singapore manager who has achieved your success at a young age, you have likely created a long-term plan for your professional goals. While your career is headed in the direction you desire, many young managers are afraid of an increased risk for cancer, due to the challenges below.Related: Why nervous breakdowns are common among Singapore’s teenagers Not Enough Time For Annual Physicals Even if cancer is not a hereditary concern, early detection of any condition that may progress to [...]

Why Singaporean Mothers Complain About Their Child’s Low Retention

As a mom you play a vital role in setting your child up for long-term success. Before they attend school, you are their primary teacher—and once they begin their school career it is up to you to stay on top of their progress. If you are a Singaporean mother who has a child with low retention, consider the factors below.Your Child’s Level Of Physical Activity Children have a lot of pent-up energy that they need to burn off. If you [...]

5 Tips To Help Busy Tourism Professionals Keep Their Cool

As a tourism professional in Singapore, you are responsible for ensuring that your clients plan the vacation of their dreams. Your clients ever-changing needs, and high expectations can create a great deal of stress—but the 5 tips below will help you to keep your cool. Stay Organized  Whether speaking of your paper files, electronic files, your to-do list, or inbox—you must make sure a system is in place to stay organized. This way you will not have to backtrack, or waste [...]

3 Tips For Managing Your Menopause While Travelling

As a successful Singaporean women, your life will not slow down just because the symptoms of menopause begin to arise. If your schedule requires you to travel for business, turn to the tips below to manage your menopause. Eat A Well-Balanced Diet  Eating a well-balanced diet becomes more of a challenge while traveling. While finding the nutritious food you require will take a bit more planning when traveling, it is a must. Before you reach your destination, research surrounding restaurants that [...]