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Simple Ways to Understand the Difference between and Achieve Health and Fitness

A lot of people use the words “health” and “fitness” interchangeably. While these two concepts are inherently connected with each other, there are notable differences between them that you need to know regardless of whichever is your current priority. What is Health? HEALTH refers to the overall status of a person, relating to his physical and mental wellbeing. Having good health means being free of any pain, disability, or illness. It is affected by many things, including diet, genetics, and lifestyle, to [...]

How Cancer Survivors Can Boost Their Immune System

  Taking care of your immune system should always be a top priority. However, the need for it increases tenfold when you are in the process of beating or trying to avoid the recurrence of an illness like cancer. While there is no hard evidence on the connection between immune function and cancer regression, there are several studies that suggest the crucial role of the immune system in achieving total well-being. As a cancer patient or survivor, here are some ways [...]

How Women Can Get The Best Gift – Freedom From Menstrual Pain!

Want to handle painful Menstruation with ease? Menstruation is a part of womanhood, and it will come to you on a monthly basis whether you like it or not. There are times it feels okay, sometimes it’s even considered as good news, but then more often it’s just… NOT. Every woman would agree that this is probably due to menstrual cramps or dysmenorrhea, a term that means "difficult menstruation." It’s that feeling of scourging pain in the lower abdomen that sometimes [...]

The Lazy Woman’s Secret To Staying Healthy And Looking Beautiful

“I don’t have time.” You've probably heard this line from a voice similar to yours. Indulging in some me-time isn’t a bad thing at all, especially if you intend to use it on beauty and wellness. Things don’t have to be as complicated as putting on facial cream three times a day. Here are some simple tips to achieve a hassle-free beauty and fitness routine. Minimalist Style You can skip the makeup, but never leave the house without sunscreen. Doing so protects [...]

16 natural foods available in Singapore to help you fight arthritis – Part 3

Arthritis suffering can be eased with certain foods This is the third and final article on foods that help fight Arthritis, the disease of the joint that a lot of Singaporeans are suffering from. Suffering can be eased with the help of certain foods that are available in all markets. Here is the last set of such foods. Beet – Beet or beetroot is full of goodness as it contains minerals like iron, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, vitamins A, B and C [...]

16 natural foods available in Singapore to help you fight arthritis – Part 2

Arthritis can be managed with proper food The suffering from Arthritis, the dreaded and painful disease of the joints can be reduced if you choose what you eat. Here are some more foods that help fight Arthritis and the symptoms related to it. Sweet Potatoes – This particular vegetable is a must for anyone suffering from arthritis. Not only do sweet potatoes contain more nutrients than normal potatoes but they are also a storehouse of minerals, soluble fibres, Vitamin A, Vitamin [...]

16 natural foods available in Singapore to help you fight arthritis – Part 1

Did you know Arthritis is a disease that affects the joints? It causes pain; swelling and redness in joints and can affect people of any age. However, there are certain foods that will reduce the arthritic pain and swelling. These food items are readily available in Singapore and should be included in the daily diet of those suffering from the disease. Whole grains – these are sources of fibre and nutrients and have the ability to reduce inflammation. Whole grains can [...]

What’s the connection between depression and sleep?

Depression is a serious health challenge If you have been feeling low, under the weather, listless, disinterested, sad or hopeless for no apparent reason, chances are that you are going through depression. Depression is a serious disorder that can take over your lifestyle and it should not be ignored. Sleep and depression are interlinked and overlap. Depression might either cause sleeplessness or oversleeping and sleeplessness might be a symptom of depression. Sleep and Depression are co-related.  Insomnia: People who suffer from sleeplessness are [...]

Did you know that you can combat pain with sleep?

Wouldn't it be great to be able to just sleep your pain away? Well though you may not be able to sleep all your pain away, new research has discovered that there is a co-relation between how long you sleep and how much pain you can withstand. Sleep longer for greater pain tolerance Scientists did an experiement where they studied about 20 young adults between the age groups of 18 and 35. They divided them into two separate groups. One group slept [...]

Is Lack of Sleep Responsible for Your Weight Gain ?

Are you feeling sleepy during the day? Well, if the answer is 'yes', chances are you also reach out for a cup of coffee (or many). May be you also have a quick muffin with your coffee! You feel so much tiredness and drowsiness that you have no motivation to hit the gym. Chances are, you are so stressed when you are in bed you just cant relax and sleep. There are millions who experience this vicious cycle. Eventually your sleep deprivation [...]